Nixx's Clay Blush Snap SILVER LINING

Nixx's Cosmetics

Have the natural look in just one snap! with its 3in1 creamy color, not only for your cheecks but also for your eyes & lips! Buildable, natural color effect, smells good <3 Perfect for summer look, gradient lips effect and drunk blush.

WHY ITS A MUST HAVE: It is perfect on-the-go also for make-up beginners. Can put it easily in your pocket! Natural based ingredients, paraben free. also let's #GoNaturals and #LoveLocal !

HOW TO USE: Pat it liberally on your eyes, cheeks or lips as you want, using a blending sponge, brush or fingers, as long as they are santized to keep product life long.

INGREDIENTS: candelilla wax, shea butter, beeswax, VCO, sunflower oil, kaolin clay, argan oil.