Which charcoal ‘infused’ beauty product should you try?

Which charcoal ‘infused’ beauty product should you try?

Posted by Hazel Evangelista on 15th Jan 2019

It has been a few years since the market started to introduce charcoal as one of the main ingredients in a few beauty products that came out. Who would have thought that it can be beneficial in our skin? Charcoal or specifically activated charcoal, is a form of carbon processed to have small, low-volume pores that increase the surface area available for adsorption or chemical reactions.

Its claim to fame as a main ingredient in some beauty and skincare products is its ability to draws poison, chemical, dirt and bacteria in the skin. Because of these, it is an effective way to have smaller pores and flawless skin.

If you want to start using products with activated charcoal as ingredients, read on as we list some products you might want to dip your hand in to, literally!

1.Charcoal Soaps

  • Charcoal soaps are recommended for people that suffer dry skin. Charcoal soaps are mild and gentler on the skin. It can bring back the moisture that other harsher soaps had caused while also drawing other bacteria and toxins in the skin.

2.Charcoal Sheet Masks

  • Charcoal masks are commonly used for its ability to make your skin smoother and brighter. It detoxifies your skin, making it also healthier in the process. So if you want to have a smoother and brighter face, charcoal mask is for you!

3.Charcoal Toothpaste

  • Yes, there are also charcoal toothpastes! These toothpastes promise to not just whiten the teeth but to also remove the surface stains and its ability to remove bacteria. And yes, it is safe!

4.Charcoal Peel Off Mask

  • Just like any peel off mask, charcoal peel off masks aims to eliminate blackheads, oil, acne and other unwanted bacteria in your face. It will leave your face smooth and clean but in a gentler way!

5.Charcoal Shampoo

  • Charcoal shampoos can also be used as a treatment for your scalp. Aside from using it to avoid dandruff and redness of the scalp, it can also relieve itchy scalp. You can use it alone or it can be mixed with your regular shampoo.

6.Charcoal Face Wash

  • Charcoal face wash is best used to treat acne and oily skin. Aside from the fact that it can help clear your skin of acne and unwanted bacteria in your pores, charcoal face wash is a milder choice for your skin.

Which of these charcoal products have you tried or you’d want to try?