Asian Beauty Trends in 2019

Asian Beauty Trends in 2019

Posted by Hazel Evangelista on 26th Dec 2018

2019 is fast approaching. Amidst the roller coaster ride we experienced in the beauty community of the current year, 2018, the new trends won’t stop on coming to surprise us. These are the ‘predicted’ Asian beauty trends that will dominate the Asian beauty scene this coming 2019. Some have started already and some will definitely be a surprise!

1.The Korean Glass Skin

  • When it comes to beauty trends, we all know that the Koreans are either the first ones to jump in to it, or they’re the ones who started it. It’s no wonder when the trendy Korean Glass Skin made waves late 2018 and will continue to influence the beauty scene in Asia. The Korean Glass Skin trend is what you call a translucent, pore less, illuminated skin that you can achieve via certain beauty routine or regimen. There are tons of tutorials on how to achieve the look and even some celebrities have jumped into the trend.

2.Oil Serums

  • With so much beauty products coming up every day, you won’t be surprise that serums will be one of the most talked about in the coming year. Serums are products or a skin treatment that’s oil-like with a watery consistency. It is highly concentrated and is made to penetrate the skin deep and lock in the moisture without a sticky feeling on the face. It can make your skin healthier and younger looking.

3.Sheet Masks

  • Sheet masks have been one of the holy grails of the people in the beauty community not just in Asia, but in the Western countries as well. The trend came from Koreans who has flawless and clear skin and when it was revealed that sheet masks have been one of their secrets, sheet masks took us by storm. The thing about sheet masks is that, depending on what type of skin problem or imperfection you want to fix, there will be a specific sheet masks for you. May it be for whitening, for having an oily skin, or even having acne, there will be something in store for you.

4.Lilac Hair

  • 2018 is said to be the year of embracing your inner gray or having a gray hair. 2019 will continue the trend with having more people to color their hair Lilac. The pinterest search for Lilac hair increased up to 1077%! Maybe it’s time for you to call on your hairdresser and welcome 2019 while rocking your Lilac hair?
    purple haired woman in black top leaning on wall

5.Jade Roller and Quartz Roller

  • Jade roller might be known this year, but it has been predicted to be bigger this coming 2019, as its counterpart, Quartz Roller. Jade rollers helps smoothens the skin and reduce wrinkles by increasing the blood circulation in the face while the Quartz rollers helps with the elasticity of the skin. And we all know that having a healthy and beautiful skin is important as it is like the canvass of our body.

6.Witch Hazel

  • The pinterest search for ‘Witch Hazel’ has increased up to 305% as the New Year is fast approaching. Witch Hazel is an astringent that can help in your acne problem. It also has anti-inflammatory components that can be used in different skin conditions such as scars and inflammation. It’s an old school beauty ingredient that is having a comeback with a bang!

Which of these trends you predicted and which ones have you tried?