Nixx’s Cosmetics – A review

Nixx’s Cosmetics – A review

Posted by Hazel Evangelista on 16th Feb 2019

Nixx’s Cosmetics is an independent cosmetics brand that offers gel tints, oil based tints and clay blushes. My first impression is to immediately try it because the concept of oil based tints is kind of new to me especially that it claims to be a powder finish. The packaging for the oil based tint is quite unusual as well. They looked like nail polish at first glance.

I tried their oil based tints first. They have four shades which were “Love-ah Red”, “Edi wow”, “Ikawna” and “Kalma”. Their shade names are also quite entertaining as it was after some of the most iconic colloquial expressions being used today.


Lova-ah red is red orange hue. Edi wow is red brown. Ikawna is like a burnt peach color while Kalma is the resident nude in the bunch.

 tried them all on my lips and here’s what I think of them:


  • 1.Very lightweight. I feel like there’s nothing on my lips at all.
  • 2.Pigmented, aside from Kalma that the color seems to disappear after a while.
  • 3.The price for the content of each shade bottle is more than reasonable.
  • 4.It smells nice, no chemical scent.
  • 5.It looks runny and watery bit it applies fine on my lips.
  • 6.Long lasting! I did a wear test and the stain left is still decent until I went home. I used it from 11am to 7pm. I ate twice in between and had a few drinks but the staying power is there.


  • 1.After a while, it kind of dries my lips. Maybe it’s better to use lip balms before applying.
  • 2.The branding can be improved.

I just realized that their nail polish like packaging is actually perfect for the oil based tints. Doe foot applicator won’t get as much product as the way that the current brush can, or any other applicator might be.

My favorite shade would be Love-ah red and Edi wow.

Moving on to their clay blush, they only have two shades, which were Slow Turn and Silver Lining.

Slow Turn is pink peach while Silver Lining is peach brown.


I am really not into blushes but I really wanted to try these so I did, and this is what I think of them.


  • 1.A lot of product in one tub, and reasonable price as well.
  • 2.I love the color selection, perfect for blush on.
  • 3.Creamy and easy to apply.
  • 4.Not patchy when applied.
  • 5.Buildable.


  • 1.Branding can be improved.

My favorite shade between the two is Slow Turn.

Nixx’ s Cosmetics has three shades of gel tints. Pabebe, Pasweet and Palaban. They’re in a usual roller plastic bottle.



Pabebe is neon-ish pink, Pasweet is peachy orange while Palaban is deep red brown.

Tried them all on and this is what I think about them:


  • 1.Colors are easily wearable.
  • 2.The pigment is good as well.
  • 3.Staying power is also there, although not as long lasting as the oil based tints.


  • 1.Also a bit drying.
  • 2.Branding can be improved.

My favorite shade in the bunch is Palaban.